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Interview for Amplifyou Podcast

Please book here if we have discussed having you on as a guest for The Amplifyou podcast

(45 minutes)

15 Mins Strategy Session

Lets see what we can accomplish in 15mins, Do you have a podcast and want to get more listeners or downloads? Or do you want to start a podcast? Lets make a plan!

(15 minutes)

Interview for Blissful Parenting Podcast

Please book here if we have discussed you being a guest on The Blissful Parenting Podcast

(45 minutes)

5 for 5 Get Me Booked on 5 Podcasts!

We will get clear on your messaging & Topics, Create you a Speaker 1 Sheet and then book you on 5 shows! Plus access to our be a great guest training!

(1 hour)
$ 500.00

I want to start a Podcast Free Strategy Session

Have you been thinking of starting a show? This session is for you, lets get clear on your mission and see if you have the drive and commitment to get a show Launched!

(15 minutes)

I need Your help MANAGING MY SHOW

We do DONE FOR YOU PODCAST MANAGEMENT. You record and we do the rest, editing, uploading, promoting and syndicating! Let’s see if we are a fit!

(30 minutes)

Unlimited 1yr of Laser Coaching $997

Need a Podcast Coach in your pocket? This is the best deal ever get a coach for 15 min laser sessions for the rest of 2020!

(15 minutes)
$ 997.00

Current Client Session

This is for PAID clients, please book our regular sessions here.

(45 minutes) IconPowered by